About us …

My name is Christian Klein, I have been cultivating all kinds of plants since my early youth. I am particularly a collector of carnivorous and tropical plants. In my main job I am working as a self emploeyed gardener . Together with my family, I am running a landscaping nursery.

When I was 12 years old, I got my first carnivorous plants from my father, and I’ve been passionate about it ever since. In the meanwhile more than 40 years my collection has grown continuously. In addition to the carnivores, I also primarily cultivate ant plants, tropical ferns and orchids.

In the meantime my son Marco has also selected some of his own clones of Dionaea and supports me at times. My daughter Sarah and her friend Tim had been producing seeds of Dionaea, Sarracenia and Drosera for years, but will unfortunately not be able to continue doing this due to lack of time.

Another passion is traveling, either with my family or friends. Of course, I’m not only interested in the carnivores, but the entire flora and fauna. In our garden there are various turtles living in open enclosures and in our garden pond there are 3 sturgeons and – to the delight of my wife Claudia – a good number of frogs.

Of course, I also sell plants from my extensive list “by the side”. You can also find the sales list on this website.